Chicago Sunrise

I’m an early riser. Not by choice, but by circumstance and habit. For the last twenty years I have gotten up each day around 5:30 or 6:00am to get ready for work. Over the years, I have grown to appreciate the early morning calmness and take in a beautiful sunrise or two.

These days are no different. If I’m not awake by 6am, my dog Dani is sure to let me know. She’s on a schedule too and by that time each morning is sitting next to my side of the bed staring a hole right through me. I wake up, get dressed, feed her, then it’s out the door for our morning walk. We live in the West Loop neighborhood in Chicago. It’s a great area with a good mix of residential and commercial buildings, schools, and parks. Skinner park is just a few blocks away and most our walks include a pass through the park so Dani can sniff out squirrels or chew on a stick and I can get a view of the sunrise.

Sunrise over Skinner Park – Chicago

The anchor of the Chicago skyline is of course the Sears (what you talkin’ bout Willis) Tower. That soaring building creates a massive silhouette against the eastern sky. It’s often draped in fog or cutting through the passing clouds. It’s a true marvel.

The sunrises in the spring and fall usually impress the most. As the sun rises above the eastern horizon it under lights the clouds above and creates some amazing colors and patterns. I’m so thankful I get to see the sunrise and the sky line each morning. It’s definitely a little moment of calm to start my day.

Chicago’s West Loop Neighborhood