Killer Boots Man

I’ve always had an affinity for new shoes. When I was a kid, I would get one new pair of gym shoes each year. I’d spend hours and hours looking through Kohls magazines and reviewing the latest issue of Eastbay to see what my options might be. Granted these were pre-internet days, so I had to do it the old school way. I would make lists of which basketball shoes looked the best, which ones would make me run the fastest and jump the highest. The final factor was pricing. I needed to have the perfect pitch to my parents as to why I HAD to have these shoes. My grade school street cred depended on it.

Thankfully, these days I have my own income and the internet is a click away. I still take quite a bit of time reviewing shoes and boots before I make a purchase. It’s partly due to my low level OCD. I’ve also reached the point in my life where I’d rather spend a little more on an item if I think it will last me longer and provide value. I used to buy a $50 pair of boots, wear them out in six months, then go buy another cheap pair. Rinse and repeat. Finally, one day I decided to bite the bullet, spend the extra money and get something that would last me for years vs. months.

Enter the Thorogood Work Boot. The AMERICAN HERITAGE – 6″ TRAIL CRAZY HORSE MOC TOE – MAXWEAR WEDGE™ to be exact. I’ve had these boots for about a month now and really enjoy them. Out of the box they were a little stiff and chunky, but that can be expected for a work boot with solid construction. After several wears they began to loosen up and become more comfortable. I love the dark color with the contrasted sole and traditional laces. The key factor for me is they are 100% waterproof. I don’t work in the trades, but I do frequent construction sites for my job and having dry feet all day is really important. They also look great for a casual date night or walk around town. All Thorogood boots are made in the USA and come with a limited warranty.

I bought my boots from a good friend who own’s a men’s store in Peoria, IL. Check out his wares:

For more info on all Thorogood Boots visit

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